The Lover

by Septa

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Love each other...


released 11 November 2013
lyrics by Eugene Tymchyk
mixed by Matt Bayles
mastered by Chris Common
photo by Benjamin Koelewijn



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Septa Одесса, Ukraine

Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2006, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Then after long hiatus Septa surfaced again in 2010 with an addition of Alexey Sulima and Alexander Bezusov. Humbly considering themselves as ‘alternative rock’ they constantly endure their music with experiments. ... more

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Track Name: 12th
And I don't feel anything, just don't

In this great wide open space
I’ll be there waiting
And the hole that gapes inside
Will devour all living

And I can’t feel anything at all
because I fell in love with a ghost

You want my piece of mind
So come and get it
But there will be blood
And blood
And more blood

Where is the ocean when you need it
Not to drown in, but to hear it
Gently whispering dozen names
Of the ones abandoned
Of the ones discouraged
Discouraged like you
Track Name: Enter the Butterflies
I’m entering her room with my heart
Beating out of control
Everything on my way is broken
Like someone has been here before

Step by step
Into the void
Beat by beat
Until the end

In my eyes
In my eyes

And when you die
Butterflies rush out
From your mouth
Flooding all the space
Track Name: Discouraged One
You’ve been discouraged tonight

Blood on the floor
You’ve never felt so great in time
Now you are assured
That magic happens in the night
In the night


Your eyes are made of glass
Your tears are like frozen drops of lust
Beware every thought
Of violence that happens in the night
In the night


You’ve been discouraged

Silk and satin always tears
Under your hand
And you'll never be afraid
After such pain
Track Name: Her Body Still Sings
Her body still sings
Even if she’s not dancing
And I can’t resist
Not to touch her once more

I can’t resist
No more
Not to touch her

Her body still sings
And all the shadows are dancing
And I won’t pretend
That I don’t miss her already

I won’t pretend
No more
That I don’t miss her

Her body still sings
As we dance in the moonlight

As we dance in the moonlight
Track Name: Widower
Blank face
Blank eyes
Blank piece of paper
Blank piece of mind

I’ve driven another nail in your wooden bed
In my golden head

I’ve driven another nail in your wooden bed
Further down the stairs going up with the dawn
I’m just one mile after you
One minute after
And don’t you dare to look back
Don’t you dare to care
Fix your eyes to the light
To your mirror image
I never saw myself in that looking glass

Crying and lying

Buried by beloved
Betrayed by buried

Once again
Finding escape in the grave
But this time
I will chase you to the end
Of the light
Of the fight for this blinding light
Forgive and forget those you have forgiven
I forgive you
For the promises
For the prophecies that didn’t come true
That are laying with you in that coffin

I’m not surprised you don’t even care
What have you've done when you had gone
I’m not surprised you don’t even know
What I’ve become without you

You have always been this way
Track Name: Eulogy (Epilogue)
Like whisper in the noise
A white spark in the dark
It’s your face in the smoke
A loud scream in the noise

I’ll tear apart the life I’ve got

To be closer to you

For you I’ll spare all the lives
For you I’ll bring down the skies
But this time
I won’t be waiting
Won’t be waiting for you
You closed your eyes

I’m pronouncing you dead
For the sake of our future
Let the day when we met
Never happen

I’m pronouncing you’re dead
For the sake of my future
And the day when we met
Will never happen

Will never happen