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Oleksandr Nos Septa is a kind of band that play with music. I mean, these guys re-forge their style in almost every release. "What if we do this, and what if that.."

They aren't scared to play some part a bit longer. Or to manipulate one even riff in plenty ways, so it sounds fresh till the end of the song.

I would say, their music gains one distinct sign, when you hear it for the first time, and you don't get it. You would need some time. And ones you hear it - that's it. Favorite track: Ropes (EP edit).
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worze Один из тех релизов, когда его хочется слушать и слушать. Приятно был удивлен кавером на песню Botchla.
Продолжайте в том же духе, творите, делайте!

Увидимся на концертах ;) Favorite track: Ropes (EP edit).


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Promo EP to precede release of the band's third album.

Bandcamp exclusive.

"Septa offer a little more in detail than what their title as an alternative rock band does, by shooting threads of prog rock, post-hardcore, mathcore, alternative metal and post-rock in their catalogue. As far as this EP goes, the three tracks that are distinguished in Ropes carry their own dispositions and characteristics that separate any similarities between each other, but also somehow manage to tie each other together very well in their own structures. With Ropes, there aren’t many components that parallel with their last record Destroyer, but it’s nice to see Septa switch it up, as it’s only expanding their ideas and creating more interesting and original songs to keep themselves more interesting to the audience."

"Ropes opens up with the title track and right away you can hear a different sound: it’s a bit calmer, but it still carries the lingering emotion from Destroyer. Every instrument comes in really clear and there’s a nice balance with the layering, so nothing sounds like it’s stacked. The bridge’s build up effect has a stronger impact because of solid production because you can hear the bass with it’s slightly distorted tone rumbling when necessary and every tom hit the drummer plays." — Pig Squeals and Breakdowns (

"In the end, this EP is just a promotional tool for the band’s third official album, and with that in mind, it does succeed. I am really curious to see if they will follow a more experimental route in future, or try their hand at more straightforward song-writing. If they do go with the latter, I really hope to God that they have written better lyrics. No band should ever have to be compared to The Eagles, but if I have to endure such lines as, “Question amends/whisper commands/yea” again, I will have no problem doing so." — Bucketlist Music Reviews (

«В преддверии выхода своего третьего полноформатного альбома, Женя Тымчик сотоварищи выпустили ЕР на одну из главных и знаковых песен этого альбома, которая уже имеет видеоклип. Три песни, вместе с заглавной, плюс ремикс на нее же. Отточенная запись, которую сводил Сергей КНОБ Любинской. Это уже знак качества и плюс к карме настоящего и будущего. Мастерство, уверенность и уровень звуковых вибраций у ребят идет по нарастающей, без передышек на рекламу. Да и все, чего они добиваются и добьются, они достойны, потому что горят своим замыслом, который перемалывают в масштаб цели.» — ARTMAGEDDON (


released April 23, 2016

lyrics by Eugene Tymchyk
mixed and mastered by Sergey Lubinsky
artwork by Birdfall



all rights reserved


Septa Odessa, Ukraine

Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2010, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Humbly considering themselves as ‘alternative rock’ they constantly endure their music with experiments. ... more

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Track Name: Ropes (EP edit)
From the bottle
Of the shining
Nor the first one
And neither
The last
I’ve been waiting
Here for too long
And tonight
I’m not getting home

This place is strange
This place is strange, right?

This place is violent

Who are these men?
Their faces are blank
What does this mean?
Eyes are black holes
Their faces are blank
Their eyes are black

They hang
They wait
Track Name: Threat Level Midnight
On the seach for truth
Seeking like a bloodhound
It’s getting dark
Very Kafkaesque

Oh god
It’s getting darker than I thought It would
Oh god

Remember tomorrow
We’re gonna get killed tonight
Remember tomorrow

Oh god
It’s getting harder than I thought It would
Oh god

Remember tomorrow
We’re gonna get killed tonight
Remember tomorrow

Question amends
Whisper commands

Question amends
Whisper commands
What the hell are we doing here?


Suit up
Go get yourself a knife
Suit up
Go get yourself a gun
Suit up
Go get yourself a drink

Remember tomorrow