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Don't Dead Open Inside

by Septa



Part of Metal Riot's Halloween compilation Creature Honeymoon:


Coming up dead
After the stab
Over the wave
The fall of nation
Everyone's dead

The bodies are rising from the ground
That were considered dead

The living dead had taken more from us than land and loved ones. They'd robbed us of our confidence as the planet's dominant life form. We were a shaken, broken species, driven to the edge of extinction and grateful only for tomorrow with perhaps a little less suffering than today. Was this the legacy we would leave our children, a level of anxiety and self-doubt not seen since our simian ancestors cowered in the tallest trees? What kind of world would they rebuild? Would they rebuild at all? Could they continue to progress, knowing that they would be powerless to reclaim their future? And what if that future saw another rise of the living dead? Would our descendants rise to meet them in battle, or simply crumple in meek surrender and accept what they believe to be their inevitable extinction? For this alone, we had to reclaim our planet. We had to prove to ourselves that we could do it, and leave that proof as this war's greatest monument. The long, hard road back to humanity, or the regressive ennui of Earth's once-proud primates. That was the choice, and it had to be made now.

Use your head
Cut off theirs

Stab them
Stop them
Somebody stop them
Go on and stab them
Stop them
Stab them


released October 31, 2015
contains passage from 'World War Z' by Max Brooks
lyrics by Eugene Tymchyk
mixed and mastered by Sergei Lubinsky
artwork by Masha Goruleva

Eugene Tymchyk - vocals, electronics
Alexander Kostuchenko - guitars
Dmitry Ulyanov - bass
Piotr Bystrov - drums



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Septa Odessa, Ukraine

Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2010, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Humbly considering themselves as ‘alternative rock’ they constantly endure their music with experiments. ... more

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