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Sounds Like Murder

by Septa

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Alex English
Alex English thumbnail
Alex English Masterpiece. Amazingly varied and diverse effort that will cement this band as one of the greatest acts in the genre. With likely the most versatile vocalist ever. Favorite track: When There Is No Time.
Ivan Vizhletsov
Ivan Vizhletsov thumbnail
Ivan Vizhletsov I know theese dudes for decade maybe, and i saw their progress in years. Tymchyk was my england teacher in the world, so we used to be lovers. And then "Lover" happened. Now he killed all the ukrainian metal stage, so "Sounds like murder" happened. So here we are at the end of all things:
the most rich band in universe
the most expensive album in 2016
the most intensive orgy at the practice base.
DON'T HESITATE - BUY IT!!!! Favorite track: High Pitch Noise.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez thumbnail
Alex Lopez Septa does it again... bringing outstanding riffs, stunning guitar tones, unforgettable melodies, exceptional vocal. Sound is unique, profound and very diverse. A lot packed in to these tracks... Highly recommended. Favorite track: Narcosis.
Viktor Seryozhenko
Viktor Seryozhenko thumbnail
Viktor Seryozhenko There are not a lot of bands in Ukraine that make music as good as Septa does. This record really proves how clever and talented guys from Septa are. Don't hesitate, give it a try.
PS. Much love to Eugene and guys. You nailed it! Favorite track: Narcosis.
Bruno Correia
Bruno Correia thumbnail
Bruno Correia Pre-ordered "Sounds Like Murder" 5 months ago and the day has finally come. Was it worth the wait? %&!# YES! Gonna go with "High Pitch Noise" (what a bomb!) as my favorite but it's honestly hard to choose only one song, this record is just amazing! Favorite track: High Pitch Noise.


11th: Omen:


There has been a murder!

"Sounds Like Murder’s essence as a whole thrives on diversity. And that alone is what makes itself such a standout record. With a product by a group that hardly anyone outside of their country has ever heard of, it will be a shock how an album like this wouldn’t get them further into the industry. If Ukraine had to have one band to help lead their heavy music scene, you’d sure as hell bet they would have to rely on an entity like Septa. And Sounds Like Murder is the key part of their resume." — HEAVY Music Magazine (

"Sounds Like Murder is essentially a culmination of everything the band has done to date. The record is boasting with post-hardcore drive and a bit of mathcore chaos, but dips its toes into various other styles without hesitation. The album’s frequent genre-bending could have come across as messy and forced if it weren’t so firmly rooted in the band’s core sound. Septa have expertly crafted a unique release that readily shows off its influences while avoiding a lot of genre conventions. With Sounds Like Murder, Septa have set the bar pretty high for themselves and it will be interesting to see what they do next." — Svbterranean (

"The band has some core strengths, which become obvious after the first listen. The drummer is an absolute beast, setting the tone for most of the songs. I feel like he has the ability to play pretty much anything, since the technical prowess he displays here is very impressing. I also like the vocals on this album very much, since singer Eugene Tymchyk has a very wide vocal range. His cleans, grunts and screams all sound really well, which can’te be said off a lot of bands in this genre." — Totally Biased (

"Septa have been around technically since 2006 and that decade of music making and talent really shows on Sounds Like Murder. The album overal is dark and haunting, heavy and progressive, and oozing with talent. It's nice to see a band that definitely falls in the realm of hardcore willing to experiment a bit. They aren't really afraid of the alt rock label that has been bestowed upon them and it works. Septa have crafted a varied and wonderful album that's just full of little moments that will keep you coming back for more." — Metalloud (

"This album is just delightfully weird. It's not overtly avant-garde, and yet within its vaguely alternative shell there is something gestating that is not quite of this earth. I am amazed by how many genres get touched on over the course of this album, and sometimes within single songs. It is something I have not heard before, and previously thought could only be cooked up in the mind of Mike Patton." — Metal Trenches (

«Этой работой Septa оставили позади многих коллег по городу проживания, сцене представления и амбициям поиска. После часа вдумчивого сконцентрированного прослушивания становится все очевидно. Эклектичная картина настоящего от четырех человек, которые не отступаются от намеченного курса хождения по мукам и радостям.» — Karabas Live (

«13 совершенно разных, абсолютно небанальных и порой всецело непредсказуемых треков, связанных общей концепцией, узнаваемым вокалом и прекрасной целостностью звучания. Путешествие жанровыми лабиринтами, квест на музыкальное восприятие длиной в 53 минуты. Sounds Like Murder убийственно удивит, немного взорвет сознание или утопит в хитросплетениях творческого полета фантазии. Во всяком случае, просто пройти мимо нового релиза одесситов – трудно и бессмысленно.» — Daily Metal (

«Песенные структуры в этот раз оказались более просчитанными и не такими размытыми, как на предыдущих релизах, поэтому большинство треков однозначно запомнятся меломанам, а также станут достойными бэнгерами на каждом концерте.» — Soundrate (


released November 30, 2016

produced by Eugene Tymchyk
mixed and mastered by Sergey Lubinsky
artwork by Denis Rekun
lyrics by Eugene Tymchyk

Eugene Tymchyk - vocals, electronics, keyboards, glockenspiel
Alexander Kostuchenko - guitars
Dima Ulyanov - bass
Pyotr Bystrov - drums, percussion



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Septa Odessa, Ukraine

Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2010, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Humbly considering themselves as ‘alternative rock’ they constantly endure their music with experiments. ... more

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Track Name: 11th: Omen
I just watched you drift away
It was easier this way
Because we cracked each other's skulls
And we broke each other's bones
So I watch you drift away
It’s much easier this way

I just watched you slip away
It was easier this way
Because we crashed each other's dreams
And we stepped on each other’s hearts
So I watch you slip away
It's much easier this way

Danger, stop

I was weighing on you
You were weighing on me
But still we slept together

You take what's left inside
And I’ll watch you waltz away

I just watched you sway away
It was easier this way
Because we’ve made each other drown
And we've made each other choke
So I watch you sway away
It's much easier this way

Strangler, stop

But we’ll break the cycle
We're gonna break the cycle
Track Name: Following
An eye
In the sky
Your every move
The lover

I’ll be there
Like a stain
I’ll be there
Every day
I’ll be there
In the back of your mind
I’ll be there
Flashing red lights
I’ll be there
In between heartbeats
I’ll be there
Hiding in a synapse
I’ll be there
Itching on your back
I’ll be there
For you

You might go
I will
Follow you
I’ll be
Following you
Track Name: The Seducer
He is a myth that you tend to believe in
He is a mist that you wish to conceive in
You can leave and go home if you want it
But all you need to know is the reason

Way out is here

He’s all you wanna see
All you wanna feel
All you wanna be
All you ever need
But way out is here

It’s gonna be a murder
You’ll get yourself murdered
In this dark alley
You stupid girl

Consider this a message
A threat
A warning
Consider this a caution
A warning
A bane
Consider this a menace
An advice
A bane
Track Name: Sky Moves Faster
Some places I’ll go
Some places you show
But I’ll never find home
‘cause you never feel hope
Some places I’ll go
Some places only I know

Stop the earth
Falling off my feet
Stop the earth
Until it bleeds

Some places I called home
And from some I was withdrawn
This house is not my home
It hurts, it burns, it aches
But I won’t go

Stop the earth
Confront the sky
Condemned myself
To save your life

We are going too fast
We are going to crash

The sky is moving faster
And I don’t know why

Starting tonight people will die

Condemned myself for you to live
Confronted death to plea for life

Starting tonight people will die

But I won’t do anything
Track Name: High Pitch Noise
What do you say
What do you have in mind
‘cause I can't bare
Your mile-long stare
What do you say
I can't hear a word
Your scream is too loud
To make it right

When you speak
In high voice
I don't listen
I'm not listening

Climbing the walls
Like I have a choice
All roads lead to fault
So I'll go with a flow

So I can hear
Or be silent
And disappear from here

Whisper murder
Murder whisper

Don’t offer me money
I’m taking the child

And when we’re out of control
And then we acting as whole

Climbing the walls
All roads lead to fault

Snap out
Wake up
Track Name: Ropes
From the bottle
Of the shining
Nor the first one
And neither
The last
I’ve been waiting
Here for too long
And tonight
I’m not getting home

This place is strange
This place is strange, right?

This place is violent

Who are these men?
Their faces are blank
What does this mean?
Eyes are black holes
Their faces are blank
Their eyes are black

It's coming to your house
It's taking all your stuff
It's out to get you
Out to get you on the hanging

They hang
They wait
Track Name: Red Code
Be the one
Instead of no one
Or you better stop
Be the one
Instead of no one
Or I will stop you

Broken lantern holds the only sober light
Frozen potion warms the stomach from inside
Fear and horror
Doom and sorrow
False of honor
It’s all been lies

Faded rainbow spreads across the shattered skies
Stale air floods my rusted smoke filled lungs
Fear and horror
Doom and sorrow
Eyes are blinded
With lies

Red lights

Step to the line
I will fight this time
Close to the hole
Push the head inside
Marks on the walls
Don’t make any sense
Bruise on the chest
Doesn’t even hurt

Red lights
And lies
Track Name: Supercell
In a box
In a shell
But I will try to find the means for my escape

Through the hole
In the wall
I will climb to see the light of day again

And I know
You will come
As you always did a thousand times before

And save me
And bring me home

From this cold
In a cell without walls
Nothing keeps you here
But you cannot leave
This room
It smells of death
Your flame
Smoulders out slowly
No chains
To break
No windows
To escape

Hold on
To your last hope
It won’t
Last for long
This cold
Takes you away
I promise
I’ll find a way

(Don’t) fade out
(Don’t) black out
I will find a way
Find a way
Track Name: The Rats in the Walls
These are the rats
They are climbing the walls
These are the rats, the thieves, the thugs, the murderers
They are coming in packs, with knifes, with guns, with no regrets

It’s not what they said
It’s not what they did
It’s not what happened
It’s what you did to them

Broken ribcage
Fractured bones
Further downstairs
Hope is lost

Keep thinking of places to wither away
I can think of any so I’m here to stay
Discouraged and widowed, not ever the same
I’m going to lay here beside you and wait
Track Name: When There Is No Time
When there is no time
When there is no life
When there is no me
Then there is no you

When there is no space
When there is no place
When there is no you
Then there is no me

Hold my hand
Tell me we’ll get through
Tell me everything
I wish I knew
Track Name: Means, Motive, and Opportunity
Like a caged rat I’m prisoner
In a smoked room with no oxygen
I am trapped

You keep asking things I don’t know about
Telling me the names I never heard before
I don’t know

There’s must be a mistake I’m telling you
I’m not the one you’re looking for
I’ve been framed

You gotta let me go I’m begging you
There is somewhere else I need to be
They won’t wait

I'll tell you everything I know
I know
But please don't ask me for my name
My name
Track Name: Narcosis
Even if I say
That I’m not who you say
I don’t really know
Who I was before

I don’t know

What with all this noise
Why there is so much light

It’s okay
Either way I hate
Waking up

We brake each other bones
It’s easier to sleep
This way
We are talking to the ghosts
To keep us company
Each night

I can’t breath this way